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LBP hosts a charity event

Lloyd Bell Productions’ Rupert Bell recently hosted the Pygmy Hippo Foundations Charity launch event at the Natural History Museum, London.

Organiser Lowdy Brabyn stated “It was a spectacular evening and we attribute that almost entirely to Rupert’s skill and charisma. As host, he held the evening together, organising and shepherding 500 people with humour and dexterity; as MC he enabled a seamless flow for the evening’s programme and delivered sensitive and on-the-mark introductions to each of our four speakers; and as auctioneer he was hypnotic! Using a wily blend of wit, audacity and persuasiveness, he managed to cajole our guests into parting with over £70,000! We are profoundly grateful to him for making our event the huge success that it was.”

All photographs by Alex Farquhar, website: