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MIPAA presentation

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I received an email from our Porsche client who asked if I would speak at the latest MIPAA seminar. For those of you who aren’t familiar with MIPAA, it’s the Motor Industry Public Affairs Association, ‘helping motor industry communicators work more effectively!’ This particular seminar was about sports sponsorship exploitation and as we provide an official radio service for the Porsche Carrera Cup, Nick (my client) wanted me to speak on the powers of audio communication to exploit sponsorship opportunities.

I thought, ‘no probs’ and proceeded to spend some time putting together a document. I relish the chance of speaking about radio – such a powerful medium and yet we are all so preoccupied and fascinated with film and the visual, I think radio often gets forgotten.

The seminar took place at Prodrive HQ in Banbury which brought back so many great memories for me and my world rally days. We had coffee in this huge room filled with cars of all ‘ages’ and an amazing photo of Colin, Burnsie and Petter – my era!!

The day itself proved insightful and really interesting. Nick Perry of Porsche was the first speaker and he talked about Porsche’s long and successful association as a brand with motorsport. I was up next and spoke about my career, Lloyd Bell and ‘the power of radio!’ A quick break for lunch (the cupcakes were delicious) and then it was the turn of Marc Mustard from Weber Shandwick whose key client is Mobil 1.

Rupes and Laura came so the Lloyd Bell team were out in force but what was clearly apparent was how useful these seminars are and it’s also a great opportunity to meet new people and discuss ideas. I just hope the people in that room will think about using radio more as I’ll leave you with an astonishing stat – 89% of the British population listen to the radio every week – that’s 46.6 million people! Quite an effective way to get your messages across, don’t you think!!!