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The case of the missing key with the heat on RB

Talk about contrasting climates. It’s been an anxious couple of days as I monitored the weather reports from a snowy and icy Cardiff to make sure the team made it out to Qatar for the golf. And on Tuesday it was my turn to board QR18 Doha bound. After winning £125,000.00 on ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’ (wish it was for real) I arrived feeling refreshed and looking forward to the Tournament.

But when I got to the hotel desperate to freshen up, the team informed me that Rupert had left for Dubai and taken my key with him. So the Hotel Supervisor thought I was just some dodgy individual trying it on. Numerous calls followed to Rupert and he then had to send an email confirming I was indeed an authorised guest. 3 hours later, having consumed a Chinese meal at Ruby Wus (very nice barbaque chicken by the way!) I was given access to my room.

And the heat’s now off Rupert as we bask in the glorious sunshine in Qatar and look ahead to 4 great days of competition. And considering the weather back in Blighty that can’t be bad!!

Sam Lloyd