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Derby Day is looming

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So the Epsom Derby is less than a fortnight away, and having been to or seen all the trials its an open and shut case for me- Dawn Approach, the 2,000 Guineas winner will be crowned King of Epsom if he gets the trip- end of story.

The only danger probably comes from France and I am just waiting for the ultimate insult market to the Blue Riband to be unveiled ‘First British Horse over the line’.

Yes, on all the evidence they might as well pack up the Derby Trophy and send it to Heathrow to await instructions as to which flight it should be put on- those connected with Dawn Approach have probably not lost a wink of sleep these past few weeks.

Normally the Dante at York has been one of the most informative trials and those of us at the Knavesmire last Thursday(the place where they famously hung Dick Turpin) won’t forget it.

‘It will be bright and sunny’ proclaimed the local weather forecast on the TV as I left my Leeds hotel- many of us flee from York and the scandalous prices charged by their hoteliers- for the station and the train to the ancient City of Eboracum.

And so it was, until mid afternoon when the Almighty and a Plumber had a full scale row above us just as the Dante was about to be run, and shipped 17(I kid you not) millimetres of unforecast rain over us poor pilgrims- one of my colleagues was wearing sunglasses as it all began.

‘Soaked at the races’ took on a whole new meaning. But me thinks it is going to take more than the ever more ludicrous British weather to rain on Dawn Approach’s parade at Epsom on 1st June.

Mike ‘Keep your halo straight’ Vince