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Expedition Moscow

I’m starting this blog on-board a Boeing 767 somewhere between London and Moscow. The pilot has just announced 40 minutes to landing and therefore 40 minutes until the start of my next IAAF adventure. I’m on my way to cover the World Athletics Championships, working as part of a small team providing audio and video coverage of the event.

My role is quite well practised in that I’ve been doing it since 2007. In the baggage hold below me is 50 kilos of broadcast equipment which will be rigged and tested over the next few days. For the duration of the championships I’ll be producing and mixing live coverage which will be steamed on the IAAF website. At the same time I will be providing edited coverage for the European Broadcasting Union and their members. Right now I have two big concerns: will the Russian customs officers allow me in to the country with my 50 kilos and will the girl next to me ever move so I can stow my tray table. See you on the other side.

Micky  Curling