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Land Rover TREK 2015

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By Joshua Peacock

Last week’s Land Rover TREK event was the first of its kind, as well as being the first time I travelled with Lloyd Bell on a week-long event. There were certainly some nerves. I was sharing accommodation with two of my superiors and three freelancers at the top of their professions. It was time to step up and prove myself.

The event itself, I was never worried about. My family has a history of off-roading so aside from my father’s jealousy, the week promised a lot…and delivered completely.

Professionally, the week couldn’t have gone much smoother on our end. The team were exceptional, warming, welcoming, talented and hard-working. Each one set an example from which I can take a thousand lessons.

The hours, though long, never dragged. There were certainly times when the competitors struggled (although they were meant to), but it all made for great footage.

The tasks were incredibly impressive, the highlight being the obvious – the hard wire. Watching a team get a 2 tonne Land Rover across a lake on nothing but two steel wires was mesmerising. If you’ve not seen it yet then click the link below, it’s honestly mind blowing.

The dynamic between the teams was the defining factor of the week for me. There were certainly disagreements, but it’s the arguments AND the camaraderie that saw them complete tasks together. Had they all got on famously, no one would have built a thing.

The week culminated in the presentation of our movie. Thankfully, we’d received rave reviews from contestants and staff alike all week and Thursday night didn’t buck the trend.

On a personal level, I loved every second of the TREK and hope that the rumours of TREK 2016 are true. Professionally, the week provided a steep learning curve for me but it’s certainly one I grew into. I can honestly say I’m extremely proud to have been part of such a great finished product.

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