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Another year at Badminton… looking ahead!

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Driving through the gates to this year’s event – a shiver goes down my spine. The chill in the air? Or the anticipation of a weekend of extraordinary sport about to unfold over the next four days?

From the privileged vantage point of Badminton Radio its access pretty much all areas, but after a 4.30 am start I’m wondering as much about having packed everything I’ll need over the next four days as much as whether ‘Magic Michael Jung’ will dazzle us again a week after his Rolex Kentucky hat trick.

But we are ready. And in ways you might never even imagine. Rules, regs and wifi passwords absorbed.  Did you know the shortest of finger nails are a bonus at events like this..because otherwise you will chew them to the quick?  Or that the type of training ultra marathon runners undertake can give you a healthy head start when it comes to dashing from media hubs to portaloo  and back before commercial break ends?  Acceptance that there will be unhealthy levels of caffeine intake and sleep deprivation.  But we are going to share it all with you….every step of the way!

By Jo Theones