Bosh’s Top 3 Features of Badminton 2017!

We love working at the Mitsubishi Motors Badminton Horse Trials as it is such a fantastic event. However, what makes it extra special is the fantastic team we have working as part of Radio Badminton.
Our hosts and commentators do a grand job as we all know, however it’s no secret that the listeners also love to hear from our ‘out and about’ reporters, and on-air couple, Beth and Josh (otherwise known as BOSH).

We caught up with the terrific two to hear about their favourite interviews of 2017!

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Beth’s top three features of Badminton 2017 consisted firstly of an interview with celebrity chef Rosemary Shrager asking her about her own previous experiences of the Badminton Horse Trials. Only first coming to Badminton three years ago, Rosemary told Beth that she particularly enjoys the atmosphere and the trade stalls, in particular the food. Rosemary also said that she was looking forward to Mary King cooking a pork pie recipe from one of her books. Rosemary also told Beth that she was impressed with all of the riders, and when asked about the perfect Badminton banquet, she said that venison would suit the event well because of the British cultures of the event. Rosemary concluded by pointing out the wide variety of the stalls available at Badminton, with Beth saying that she had just tried a £50,000 ring on.

Continuing on the theme of jewellery, Beth then told us that her second favourite feature of Badminton this year was speaking to James, the Manager of Walter Bull and Sons Jeweller, located amongst the vast rows of trade stalls. Walter Bull and Sons are the jewellers that have created the eight trophies for the Badminton Horse Trials. James said that there was a huge raise in popularity of antique jewellery, with a silver ring worth around £50,000 being the most popular item on show with lots taking selfies with it.

Beth also said that her third favourite feature of 2017’s Badminton Horse Trials was speaking to Stevenson and Sons’ rocking horse manufacturers and repairers. Beth’s interview was conducted with a twist with both herself and her interviewee sitting on rocking horses. The Stevenson Brothers have been reviving and restoring rocking horses for 35 years, having started out in a shed on their sister’s farm. Following in the footsteps of their uncle, the Stevenson brothers recreate the looks of a person’s horse using the hair and shoes of the actual horse. Creating a rocking horse is a long process with a small horse taking 8 weeks and the larger ones taking up to 3 months. The company have been showcasing at Badminton for around 25 years, with their two dogs Digby and Florence accompanying them as part of their sales team. Beth then finishes by saying that being on a rocking horse is very therapeutic and takes her back to her childhood.

Josh’s first feature that he points out in his top three at Badminton Horse Trials 2017 was an interview with Alice Manner, a Telegraph fashion writer. She told Josh that she was looking to take pictures of people who were wearing things that were catching her eye. She said that she was particularly appealed with a woman from Kenya who made her own suede bags, wearing a pair of leopard print trainers. She also said that she was interested in snapping lots of pictures of dogs as she loves them. Alice calls a typical Badminton, country look as like finding a diamond in the rough saying that one could never go wrong with a tweed jacket. She also says that footwear is important when visiting an event like Badminton. Her perfect female outfit for an event like Badminton consists of a great jumper with a waistcoat and a pair of jeans. Alice also told Josh that spending the money on new attire is not a bad thing as buying clothing from an event gives you memories of that event. Her top picks for Badminton will be featured in the Sunday Telegraph.

The second feature that Josh picks is the interview with the dressage judge Anne Mette Binder discussing the changes to the course this year. She says that the need to test the cooperation and trust between the horse and rider is important, more so on a windy day as often experienced at the Badminton Horse Trials. Anne says that an arena like the one at Badminton is very demanding on the horses as they can often become tense before runs, making it hard for the riders. She tells Josh that she is impressed with how the riders deal with this. Speaking about the pressures that new riders feel at a four star event such as Badminton Horse Trials, she calls the event the crème de la crème for these riders as they finally get to experience an international arena like the one at Badminton.

Josh’s final feature he puts in his top three of this year is an interview with Horse Sport Ireland director Sally Corscadd. They begin by talking about rider Jonty Evans and how he has used his sport psychologist well to optimise his position on the scoreboard. He points out the three Irish riders in the top 25 riders, pointing out that it is encouraging for Irish eventing. Sally tells Josh that the Irish are building on their experiences from the Rio Olympics. Sally says that the Irish have a programme in place to put the young riders in a good position to build on these experiences. She also says that the goal is to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics and that they are in a good position to do show as displayed today.



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Another year at Badminton… looking ahead!

Driving through the gates to this year’s event – a shiver goes down my spine. The chill in the air? Or the anticipation of a weekend of extraordinary sport about to unfold over the next four days?

From the privileged vantage point of Badminton Radio its access pretty much all areas, but after a 4.30 am start I’m wondering as much about having packed everything I’ll need over the next four days as much as whether ‘Magic Michael Jung’ will dazzle us again a week after his Rolex Kentucky hat trick.

But we are ready. And in ways you might never even imagine. Rules, regs and wifi passwords absorbed.  Did you know the shortest of finger nails are a bonus at events like this..because otherwise you will chew them to the quick?  Or that the type of training ultra marathon runners undertake can give you a healthy head start when it comes to dashing from media hubs to portaloo  and back before commercial break ends?  Acceptance that there will be unhealthy levels of caffeine intake and sleep deprivation.  But we are going to share it all with you….every step of the way!

By Jo Theones

Rain in Dubai Didn’t Dampen Spirits

Post World Cup Press Conference

Rain, rain and more rain – you wouldn’t expect a blog about Dubai to start with those words, but unfortunately that was the case for my recent journey to the Middle Eastern City of Luxury.

The Dubai World Cup is always an enjoyable event for me and despite the horrendous weather this year was no different. If anything, the weather made for an even better competition due to the unusual ground having an effect on horses’ performances.

However, the World’s Top Rated Horse Arrogate, like a true pro, did not let the weather affect his performance.  Despite a poor start, the star of the show ran out as two and a quarter length winner of the US $10m Dubai World Cup at Meydan, joining the all-time greats of American racing list.

My favourite part of the night was when 32 year-old trainer Chad Summers gave his very own rendition of Country and Western singer Katy Musgrane’s song Mind Your Own Biscuits – but not for lack of reason. He had just landed his first ever winner as a trainer with 4 year old Chestnut ‘Mind Your Biscuits’, named after that very song – A fantastic moment for us to witness.

In true Dubai style, the competition was sealed off with a fantastic firework display but also something I’d never seen before – a drone performance. It really was something quite remarkable, with the different coloured lights creating a spectacle of visuals for spectators to watch in awe.

So if I were to sum up my experience of this World Cup, I would say it was a competition of ‘firsts’ … the first win for Chad Summers, the first time I had seen a drone performance  and most definitely the first time I had experience weather like it in Dubai!!

By Rupert Bell

All over for another year… Cheltenham

All over for another year… Cheltenham

So it’s over for another year. The Irish did a veni vidi vici on us poor (I don’t bet but my fellow country folk all cry with one accord as they yes after betting disaster after betting disaster) Brits and then to add insult one senior Irish Jockey texted me on Saturday night ‘Delays leaving the Aviva. Gardai are dealing with a broken down Chariot. It’s lost at least one wheel.’

That’s what I love about Cheltenham- it is just about the only  sporting event on earth where you can lose a fortune and still emerge smiling and deep in conversation with the bloke next door who you might not have met until that bus queue back to town.

Even the great Chief Executive of Horse Racing Ireland took time out from unmercifully taking the mickey out of his (former) British friends to tweet the picture of the week- of the first winner of the week, Labait, who has spent more time in the Naughty Corner than my producers have had hot dinners for refusing to start, tailed off in the distance after one of his umpteen shows of ‘down toolserie’ at, of all places the beach course at Laytown!

So many memories- Ruby Walsh’s quite brilliant four timer when the chips were down after two X certificate days for Team Mullins on Thursday, and for me, the sheer delight in watching two of the most decent people in racing, Jessica Harrington and Robbie Power hit the jackpot with Sizing John in the Gold Cup.

One personal sadness is that there was no sign of someone who has become a good friend from County Wexford who told me a year ago he always travelled and threw a compassionate leave claim for the funeral of his grandmother. Unfortunately last year his boss was there as a guest of one of the sponsors and they…er… met. He pointed out this was the fourth grandmother he had buried in five years…all in the same week.

May be he’ll be at Aintree. I will. I cannot wait. It’s less than 3 weeks and then the magic of the Punchestown Festival at the end of April to round it off. Oh lucky boy.

Anyone got a certain winner to pay for it?

By Mike Vince

The Cheltenham Lead Up Continues… – Blog

So we are a week into the pre-Cheltenham Festival visits and this is where it gets difficult- its Ireland, the land of One Hundred Thousand Welcomes and if you are not careful One Hundred Thousand tips.

They’ll be over in their thousands for the Festival in a fortnight- amazing how many Grandmothers are taken with sudden illness that week and they are already working out which horses are primed for National Service, to give the British a bloody nose in their back yard.

They’ve stars missing- Faugheen, Annie Power, Min, to name but three but they will welcome us this week and send us back primed with as much information as they can. Vroom Vroom Mag, for instance from Willie Mullins yard has 5 entries- so trying to work out where she might turn up has been left in the safe hands of the Editor of Clairvoyants Monthly!

Good first week- hugely hospitable Paul Nicholls, Nicky Henderson, Colin Tizzard and their teams- but one big problem- all the ones they think will win are meeting each other!

Stay tuned- at this rate a week form now the ‘good thing’ list could top 50- not bad for a meeting with only 28 races.


By Mike Vince